Our Value Add

Independent global ETF manager

Tax efficient, transparent ETFs are the modern way to invest. New Frontier is an independent ETF manager free to choose the most attractive ETFs across all ETF providers. New Frontier selects a universe of ETFs that span worldwide sources of investable economic growth to obtain a meaningful representation of the world’s risk factors. All of our ETFs are carefully analyzed for liquidity, maturity, diversification, and cost.


Strategic but not static

Overly academic managers employ a static asset allocation oblivious to markets, regulation, and financial innovation. New Frontier is an institutional global quantitative manager that continuously calibrates to the evolving geopolitical structure of global capital markets for meeting strategic long-term objectives. 


Unique optimized asset allocations

Traditional optimization methods do not work well in practice. They tend to create poorly diversified portfolios that overly rely on a single market scenario. New Frontier is globally known for inventing unique patented technology that addresses the problems of current methods, incorporating market uncertainty into the optimization process to create more effectively risk-managed funds.


Portfolio rebalancing done right

Effective portfolio rebalancing is fundamental for reliable investment performance, but contemporary practice is universally based on sub-optimal calendar- or range-based rules. New Frontier built an entirely new method by inventing the first statistical need-to-trade probability, allowing us to avoid trading in noise and to improve trade effectiveness.


Effective long-term investing is different

Compound return is not average return. Portfolio compound return is the key for designing investment strategies that optimally meet long-term objectives. New Frontier has a long history in compound risk-return research. All New Frontier portfolios are optimal compound return investments.